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Special - Wild Skies Cabin Rental - Fishing

2013 Cabin Rental Special:

Book seven days and pay for only five during stay between June 30-August 22 (based on availability) and only for the dates of June 30-July 10th 2013, get 20% off nightly rate for stays 4 days or longer .

Wild Skies Cabin Rental
Lisa Bennett
Phone (970) 926-0216


Trout Fishing:
If you are looking for phenomenal, secluded, trout fishing and want to do it comfortably and affordably, then Wild Skies’ Flat Tops Wilderness Cabin is where you want to be. The cabin is a 4 bed/3.5 bath, 3500+ SF home located on NW Colorado’s Flat Top’s National Scenic Byway between two mountain passes and some of the purest (95%) Colorado Cutthroat, rainbow, and brook trout.
With ½ mile of private river frontage on property and near hundreds of high alpine lakes, reservoirs, beaver ponds and streams, in beautifully unspoiled and lightly traveled areas of the Routt and White River National Forests and Flat Tops Wilderness where you’ll find yourself in a trout paradise.
Imagine 235,000 acres of fly fishing paradise, roughly 20 miles in diameter. Much of the wilderness is high, gently undulating plateau. Once you’re atop this plateau, a short, steep climb of about 1500 feet from most trailhead, you can cruise for miles through sparsely timbered meadows with very little change in elevation. Cross sparkling, clean mountain rivers and streams, fern-filled forests and wide open wildflower meadows; all from the comfort of your own secluded cabin
Most of the lakes lie between 10,600 and 11,200 feet in elevation and have wide-open shorelines, where you can double-haul to your heart’s content, often in complete solitude. Trails run to or near most lakes, but cross-country travel options are unlimited.
Creeks and rivers in the upper reaches of the Flat Tops tend to be compact bodies of water. Near their headwaters, most of these streams run cold and clear, providing excellent habitat for native cutthroat trout. These waters are also ideal habitat for wild reproducing brook trout and rainbow and brown trout as well.
Except for a few weeks during runoff toward the beginning and middle of June, the crystal clear waters cause the fish to be easily spooked by movement along the bank or a careless cast into a calm pool. However, because of their opportunistic diet and lack of fishing pressure, these trout are seldom picky eaters.
The calm, glassy waters of beaver ponds can be some of the most challenging and most rewarding places to fish in the Flat Tops Wilderness. Prolific insect life can make for incredible trout habitat, and the cutthroat trout in some of the beaver ponds in the Flat Tops Wilderness become quite large.
Most areas in our neck of the Flat Tops are accessible by June. Immediately after ice-off can be a great time to land large fish as they scour shorelines for drowned insects and worms from the runoff. By the second week in July, dry fly fishing will have turned on in the high country, and will remain active through early September, or the first hard freeze.
One of the advantages of early season wilderness fishing is even less pressure than normal. Trails receive their heaviest use between the 4th of July and Labor Day. Exploring these waters in June gives you the first crack at hungry trout. The downsides however, are higher water levels from runoff and the potential for a muddy experience.
As temperatures rise and runoff levels subside in early to mid-July, insect activity will begin to peak. Although wilderness traffic is highest during mid-summer, even a busy day inside a wilderness boundary will look uninhabited compared to an urban state park or a popular campground. And the period from mid-July until at least Labor Day is arguably the best fishing of the year.
Fall in Colorado can be an excellent time to fish, but the weather can be unpredictable and access more difficult. Depending on early snowfall and temperatures, the fishing will often remain steady well into October. Fly fishing Colorado’s wild backcountry is a wonderful opportunity that’s easy to do. Our nation’s wilderness areas are treasures that we should enjoy and share with our children and multi-generational groups have enjoyed fishing and hiking from the comfort of our secluded riverfront cabin.

Horseback Riding:
Located on NW Colorado’s Flat Tops National Scenic Byway between two mountain passes. Ride hundreds of miles of scenic trails in beautifully unspoiled and lightly traveled areas of the Routt and White River National Forests and Flat Tops Wilderness. Cross sparkling clean mountain rivers and streams, fern filled forests and wide open wildflower meadows-all from the comfort of your own secluded cabin. The cabin offers immediate access to multiple trails directly from the front door.
There are two onsite corrals and plenty of room for you to bring your own trailers and an assortment of local riding trails can be found within 1 mile or less of the cabin.. Horses can also be rented within a few miles of the property and a local guide is available for guided day trips.

One of the West’s Best Kept Secrets:
Fabulous Ride in & out  Snowmobiling in
Northwest Colorado’s Flat Tops!
Tired of hotels & trailering your sled daily every time you want to get to an uncrowded snowmobile location with a variety of terrain?
Looking for a comfortable, family friendly, and easily accessible ride in & out snowmobile cabin experience?
Then you are looking for Wild Skies. We offer a secluded (no other cabin rentals within a 35 mile radius), 3,500 sq. ft. 4 bedroom/3.5 bath  mountain home with radiant in floor heat.
From November, until the end of April when the weather warms up and the snow settles, snowmobilers can ride their sleds through some of the best “wild” pure powder snow in North America. Our pure powder snow is challenging, exciting and invigorating for die-hard snowmobilers, and is inviting for newer riders who want to learn what riding wild snow is about.
In ideal spring conditions, you can ride more than 100 miles a day – if you’re up to it! On our wide open trails in spring, you can see more of our backcountry in an afternoon than you could see in several days on horseback.

A local snowmobile club grooms over 40 miles of the national scenic byway and 78 of 178 miles of snowmobile trails and leaves the other 100 miles natural trails that can challenge even the best riders. The trail terrain varies from steep canyons and rugged mountains to gentle slopes and rolling hills with an abundance of open parks and meadows. Trail elevations range from 7,000-11.000 feet, with snow depths of four to twenty-five feet. 
You can have fun casually riding your machine down a groomed trail, finessing it through the trees, or cruising through an open park. The trails lead snowmobilers to Dunckley and Ripple Creek Passes on the Flat Tops Trail Scenic Byway, Trappers Lake, Vaughn Lake, Sheriff’s Reservoir and more. If you haven’t seen these areas in the winter, you’re missing scenery that is every bit as spectacular as Yellowstone – without the crowds!
Wild Skies Cabin Rental
Lisa Bennett
Phone (970) 926-0216