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Bison WorX

Hunting in North America

Bison WorX provides fully guided, all inclusive Bison hunts on the  Wilder Ranch north of Mobridge, South Dakota.
Bison WorX also offers Bison shares for those seeking healthier meat options.
Bison WorX is a family owned and operated business.
Mike Bondurant and Andrew Maddox are the owners/guides and have a combined 20+ years of experience guiding big game hunts.

   Bison on the Wilder Ranch free range 8,000 acres on the South Dakota prairie.  The bison do not experience the stress of transport to a slaughter house, or the confinement and grain-based diet of a feed lot.  In addition, the herd receives no growth hormones or antibiotics.  

   Grass-fed bison meat is significantly leaner than grass-fed beef and higher in Omega-3 fatty acids.  Each bison is harvested individually, in a humane manner, without ever leaving the field.  

   Allowing animals to pasture feed from start to finish is a regenerative agricultural practice which promotes the health of the bison, grasses, and soil.  When Properly managed, grasslands sequester substantial amounts of carbon in the soil which can positively effect global climate change. 

All hunts are fully guided,  include a 2 day 2 night stay, freshly prepared meals, comfortable lodging, and transport of your bison to the processor.

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