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Last Minute Hunting and Fishing Outfitter Membership Pricing 2023

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Memberships are for 12 consecutive months with unlimited postings of Openings, Cancellations, and Specials you wish to promote.

We will link your Website, based on the activities you offer and region you are in ( Continent).

You will be listed in any, or all categories. Hunting, Fishing and Outdoor Adventures.

Your link is always active. Anytime you wish to promote an opening, simply contact us by phone or email the information and we do the rest.

We will not only market your openings on our site, but through our various social media feeds:

Pertinent Facebook Groups, LinkedIn groups, You Tube and Twitter just to name a few.

We encourage you to share your photos, testimonials and blogs so we can further promote your business.

We are not Brokers but rather Clients contact you directly to book their trips when seeing your offerings on our site.

We charge a flat fee of 600.00  for a 12 month listing with unlimited postings.

No other fees or Commissions ever.

We are pleased to offer payment by: Visa, Master Card, Pay pal, Bank or  E transfer.

If you require Further details, please contact.

Mike Bellefeuille


Last Minute Hunting and Fishing .com

Phone: 1 877 663 4864


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