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Hunting in North America

Saskatchewan Black Bear Outfitters:

Our exclusive outfitting area covers over 125000 acres of hunting territory in the Saskatchewan Provincial Forest, 32000 acres of agricultural land, dense bush, and beautiful remote wilderness. Our territory is located 15 miles east of Hudson Bay, Saskatchewan and 25 miles west of Mafeking, Manitoba in the heart of boreal forest.

Eastern Central Saskatchewan Boreal Forest region has been considered as one of the top destinations in the world for size, numbers and color phase bears.

Our area also allows us to have TOTAL access to hunt without the presence and pressure of other outfitters which makes your hunt more enjoyable with a higher rate of success!  With this area of Saskatchewan being in prime Black Bear country with its prime food sources, low hunting pressures, great genetics, and limited amount of Black Bear licenses we ensure this area holds a high percent of bears, Boone & Crockett, Pope & Young, and Colored Phased Bears.

Our Spring bear hunts take place during the months of May and early June in the midst of black bear rut, and our Fall bear hunts take place in the month of October.  Hunts are 5 days.  Arrival to camp is Monday and departure is Saturday.  When you arrive at camp you will be able to get settled in, sight in your weapons, and get all the licenses ready for the hunt.

All our bait locations are pre-baited weeks in advance to the hunter’s arrival and continued throughout the hunting season.  This ensures that all bait sites are fresh and active and will have multiple animals routinely feeding while hunting.  Our hunting stands and blinds are placed appropriately for bow, muzzleloader and rifle hunters.

Over the course of your hunt, you can expect to see many different bears, with shot opportunity being 100% to date!

When your hunt is completed for the day, we will pick you up and reminisce about what your evening entailed and make a plan for the next hunt.  We take our job seriously and do it well – so we will do anything to try and help you succeed.

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