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Mountain Man Adventures

Fishing, Hunting & Outdoor Adventures in North America

Northern Alberta Trophy Moose, Mountain Elk, Sheep, Black Bear and Sport fishing.

People pay good money to travel the world to have their chance at bagging a trophy.

They have a right to expect an amazing experience in return.

Tom Sallows was born for the bush. Raised by a passionate, skilled hunter, he learned the craft the right way from his earliest days.

As he worked to grow his skillsets, requests came in for guiding and TV work (including WildTV).

He decided one day to take those experiences and start up Mountain Man Adventures.

It wasn’t about just creating yet another traditional guiding/outfitting company.

It was about helping others to have their own experiences like the ones he was blessed with.

It was about designing the best possible hunts in the one of the world’s best hunting areas.

It was about an intense commitment to excellence.

What does excellence mean, practically?

It means strong communication with clients from the first contact — clear, honest, and responsive.

It means asking the right questions to match clients with the right experience for them — not someone else.

It means great stories, great food, and great company during the trip.

It means using every best practice available to ensure chances at the best trophies (by often saying no to average ones).

How has this approach worked?

When it comes to hunts, we’ll let his clients answer that.

When it comes to life in general, Tom was selected to be part of the 2015 Team Canada curling team as the first alternate.

In early March, they won the Brier National Championship. A month later, they won bronze at World’s.

Excellence matters.

But people matter most.

We want to hear your story, and to give you great new stories to go home with.

We look forward to hearing from you.

PS – Tom didn’t write this. He’s too nice to talk about himself like that. We just didn’t want him underselling himself. To hear him speak for himself, check out this Hunt Talk podcast episode.

PPS – Tom is also an over-passionate Edmonton Oilers fan. That hasn’t worked out as well for him. We all have our weaknesses.


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