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Hunting in North America

Trust the Land Outfitters

British Columbia Cougar and more: 

Mature Lion:

Trophy Tom:  2 guides both with experienced hounds and gps equipment .
Snowmobiles everything you need to hunt Trophy Lions.

Last Minute Special: 10 500 + gst / license fees . 

Non trophy:

Good representation lion – basically all the same except only 1 guide.

Last Minute Special: $8250+ gst / license fees.

6 day all exclusive hunt including:

Accommodations , meals & hound rigs out searching for something special.
Often times several tracks will be cut before finding a Mature Tom .

Available 2022 dates:

Jan 24-29

March 7-12

March 14-20

Add lynx or Bobcat for $3000



Seth Duncan

Trust the Land Outfitters


Instagram – @blackramguidee


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