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Bear Track Outfitters

Hunting in North America

Manitoba Outfitters offering:


Black Bear:

You will be hunting the middle of Manitoba’s famous Inter-lake region. Well known for not only the size of bears with exceptional skull size, but a healthy number of bears. Guests at Bear Track Outfitters enjoy a 30% color phase in our bears.

We manage our 1,400 square miles along with our wildlife experts, by not over hunting our bear herd. Manitoba boasts the best managed bear herd and conservation program in Canada. We regularly take bears over 12 years old with our oldest sow taken being 27.5 years old and our oldest boar being 31.5 years old. Pope and Young bear are common with approx. 1 per year will make Boone and Crocket. Guests enjoy observing 1-10 bears per evening hunt. You will hunt active bait sites and contribute to our 95% success rate.

We employ hard working guides that aren’t afraid to work their butts off to ensure your hunt is successful.


We hunt in Manitoba’s Prairie Pothole country, an area that continues to produce a great number of waterfowl.

Whitetail Deer:

Located in Ontario, our Deer Camp is situated along the Manitoba/Ontario border.

Home of some monster Whitetails, with very little hunting pressure.



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