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Chubook Kamchatka Outfitters

Hunting in Asia

Chubook Kamchatka Outfitters has been providing hunting and fishing services since 2000. Top manager and all guides are professional hunters with 25-40 years of hunting experience, permanently residing in Kamchatka.

The company Antares M Inc is a partner of the hunting company  and its representative in North America and Southeast Asia.

The top manager is a hunter with a great hunting experience. He has hunted on 4 continents – Asia, Europe, North America and Africa. He is the owner of six Grand Slams (GRAND SLAM) according to SCI version:

  • Bears of the World
  • Cats of the World,
  • Moose of the World
  • African 15
  • Dangerous Game of Africa
  • African Big Five

He also has three diamond circles (Diamond inner Circle):

  • Animals of Asia
  • Top Ten Award (16 animals)
  • Predators of the World

7 (seven) trophies included in the TOP TEN AWARD were gained in the lands of Dina, in Kamchatka.

The top manager is a Master Mesuarer SCI.

Hunt Russia for Kamchatka Brown Bear,  Kamchatka  Trophy Snow Sheep and Chukotka  Moose ( largest antlered Animal in the world)

Antares M has his representative in Moscow, fluent in English.