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Family Hunting Safaris

Fishing, Hunting & Outdoor Adventures in Africa

  • Specialist in hunting safaris for families,couples and groups of friends in South Africa.
  • You have different options, you can choose to spend a few days hunting together and do some tourism days after your hunting safari, you can organize your safari so that while some are hunting the rest go touring and all share your experiences later in the luxurious lodge or they can choose to do only tourism activities all together.
  • Ideal combination of groups who are mix hunters and non-hunters.
  • 100% Malaria free area of South Africa.
  • The main camp is Just one hour from the first world city of Port Elizabeth.
  • We are located in one of the quietest area of South Africa.
  • We are on the heart of some of the most rewarded hunting reserves and photographic game reserve of Eastern Cape.

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