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Fortress Lake Wilderness Retreat

Fishing & Outdoor Adventures in North America

Canadian Rockies:

Fortress Lake is tucked away in a stunning, remote valley of the Canadian Rockies and is dominated by peaks towering a mile directly overhead and glaciers in a 360 degree “Fortress”. Fortress Lake offers some of the largest brook trout on the planet. Fortress Lake Wilderness Retreat provides trophy brook trout anglers a full service lodge accommodation, semi-guided fishing experience. The Fortress Lake valley also provides hikers, canoeists, and kayakers a back country oasis to discover. A 25 km perimeter provides stunning lake vistas, and several hiking trails. Fortress Lake is kitty corner to Jasper and Banff National Parks and Lake Louise, located in the province of British Columbia’s Hamber Provincial Park, and is an integral part of the Canadian Rocky Mountains UN World Heritage Site. This remote location is accessed by helicopter.

The fly fishing and the scenery experiences at Fortress Lake Wilderness Retreat are second to none – except, perhaps, the flight accessing our location. Getting there is half the fun. Described as “an IMAX movie come to life” by Fly Fisherman Magazine, we enjoy one of North America’s most scenic Rocky Mountain flights.

We fly near and over the world renowned Columbia Ice fields of Jasper National Park before landing at Fortress Lake. The Columbia Ice field is the only place in North America where water origins drain to three oceans – the Pacific Ocean (Columbia River), the Arctic Ocean (Athabasca River), and the Atlantic Ocean (Saskatchewan River). We fly near or past 7 of the 9 highest peaks in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. The flight to Fortress Lake is a photographer’s dream, including vast, scenic views of the Columbia Ice field, the world renowned Maligne Lake, Chaba Glacier, Mount Alberta, headwaters of the Athabasca River, Mount Clemenceau, and Mount Columbia.

All inclusive packages include: Accommodations at Fortress Lake Retreat; all meals, snacks, & non-alcoholic beverages, along with a small selection of house white and red wine and domestic beer. Hard Alcohol, special wines and beer can also be purchased at an extra cost; semi-guided fishing & sharing of lake knowledge; use of power boats & canoes/kayaks; trail & paddling knowledge.  Alcohol, flies, lures, fishing gear/supplies available for purchase. PST & GST will be added to package pricing.

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