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Hustler Hunting

Hunting in North America

Hustler Hunting is an Eastern Oregon hunting guide service based out of the Baker Valley. We specialize in guided cow elk hunts, Archery bull elk hunts, rifle bull elk hunts, and rifle deer hunts. Our guide staff has decades of experience hunting in Northeastern Oregon. They are dedicated to achieving success when it matters most.

We hustle to:

  • Ensure that our clients have a memorable and safe experience
  • Employ hunting practices that sustain the land and promote healthy game populations
  • See that future generations will be able to enjoy the thrill of the hunt for years to come

With access to thousands of acres of private land, as well as many public land permits, we can ensure that your experience will be a memory that will be shared around campfires for years to come. Large elk herds frequent our hunting grounds which helps us maintain high success rates while in the field. On our public land hunts, we have multiple guaranteed tags for out-of-state residents. These tags include rifle deer and elk tags as well as archery elk and deer tags. We also offer two-day private land Coyote hunts. These hunts can be exhilarating as coyotes come charging hard to the call.