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K. D. Bear Outfitters

Hunting in North America

K.D. Bear Outfitters New Liskeard Ontario:

All hunts begin on Sunday and end on the following Friday. When you arrive you will be oriented to an active bait located in our exclusive BMA which ensures little to no other bear hunting. All bait sites are well maintained and have been baited well in advance with high quality bait/scents to keep the bears coming back consistently. Most of our bait sites are accessed by truck and ATV’s. However, we do have a few walk in sites. Before the hunt begins every hunter will be required to sight in or practice with their firearm at the campsite to help minimize wounding a bear. The optimum time to hunt is from 3:00 p.m. until dark. Once the hunt begins the hunter will be required to bait the site with the bait provided. We will help in tracking and retrieving your downed bear. Once back at the campsite we will also assist in the skinning, quartering and freezing of your bear.

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