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On Point Guide Service

Hunting in North America

What We Do

We are a life-long Upland Bird Hunters, specializing in Chukars, Gambel Quail, and Hungarian Partridge

Hunting may take place across the entire state of Nevada and Arizona depending on bird populations and the particular species that you wish to target.

Usually it is necessary to concentrate on a single species each day.  Generally speaking, Northern Nevada is made up of 80% Chukars & 20% mixture of Huns & California Quail.

Southern Nevada is usually split between 70% Gambel Quail & 30% Chukars.

Arizona hunting is for Gambel Quail, Scaled, & Mearns Quail.

Our kennel is made up of well-trained Brittany’s, Pointers, and English Setters.  These dogs are masters at locating birds amongst the Nevada & Arizona rolling terrain of Cheet-grass, Cholla Cactus, & Volcanic rock.

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