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Real Western Hunting Wyoming

Hunting in North America

Season after season Wyoming always ranks either #1 or #2 in success rates for all western big game species. With over 48 years of combined experience, let us help you arrange a memorable hunt. We hunt in Wyoming, South Dakota, and Nebraska, and arrange hunts across the globe. We will take time to listen to your questions and goals. Give us a call and let’s talk hunting!

Currently we have over 185,000 acres to hunt or fish, and we are constantly searching for more quality leases. On all of our hunts we have a limited number of hunters and we concentrate more on “quality” than “quantity”. We do not run any big game hunts or camps with 10 or 15 hunters present, as that isn’t what we would consider a quality, personalized experience. On our hunts you will see more variety of wildlife than almost anywhere else in the world. All access fees are included in the quoted hunt price and we always attempt to bag the largest animal possible on all Wyoming hunts. All of our Wyoming hunts are strictly fair-chase and in accordance with the laws and rules of the Wyoming Game and Fish Department, Boone and Crockett and Pope and Young Club. Since many members of the Real Western Hunting team are retired and work full-time in the outdoors, we scout all areas thoroughly and know what areas have the best trophy potential. All members of the team will hunt hard every day; from the first minute of the first day to the last minute of the last day, providing you the highest quality service while you harvest a trophy

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