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Saskatchewan Goose Company

Hunting in North America

Saskatchewan Waterfowl:

Waterfowl hunting in Saskatchewan is unlike anywhere else. We are located in the very top of the flyway. We hunt some of the very first fields at the tree line. This makes us the first stop on the birds’ journey south. Most of these birds have never been hunted, so it makes for some great decoying birds. Our hunts are on pre-scouted fields that our spotters have watched to make sure we are always on the “X.”

A few things that set Saskatchewan Goose Company apart from other outfitters, is the fact that we only run one group in camp at a time. That means your group gets the best hunts we have and it also makes for a more personalized hunting experience. Unlike other outfitters, we live in and are a part of the community in which we hunt. We have year-round relationships with our farmers which gives us an edge on obtaining land permission rights. It also helps in terms of knowing where the best hunting fields will be before they are planted. We are also proud members of the SCPO (Saskatchewan Commission of Professional Outfitters).

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