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Sonora Mexico Desert Trophy Outfitters

Hunting in Mexico

Sonora is the top destination for true trophy mule deer hunters. The season is generally between December 1st and January 31th, after all of the mule deer seasons in the western states have closed.

Mule Deer:

The great desert of Sonora is famous for record antlered mule deer in America. It is covered by Desert vegetation like choyas, sahuaros, iron woods, palo verdes, mesquites and other cactus.

The normal rain in the year range from 4” to 8” and the temperature 120 F to 30 F providing the perfect habitat for the Mule Deer

Mule deer hunters are assisted at Hermosillo International airport or Tucson airport (It will depend on the hunting area South or North of Sonora) by our professional personal and round trip transfer to hunting area.

Coues Deer:

Coues deer hunts are conducted in vehicles, then spot and stalk in the hills and canyons. Success rate is 90 % with most trophies scoring 90 B&C points or better. We take some bucks every year that make the all time B&C minimum of 110 points.

The hunt is 1X1, five full days of effective hunt (custom hunts are available upon request).

All the guides have a good quality binoculars and a powerfull hand held two-ways radios to keep communications with the hunting vehicles and camp, and they will also carry the complements for the day, water, lunch, binoculars etc.

All hunts are with one guide and one driver , tracking on foot and using 4 X 4 vehicles “with very high racks”.

Gould’s Turkey:

The famous Gould´s turkey is the biggest specie of all turkeys and it can be only found in Mexico. These big tombs weight 20 to 30 pounds with beards up to 12 inch long.

Dove Hunts:

Dove shoots take place near Hermosillo, an agriculturally region in Sonora’s farming district that attracts white-winged and mourning doves by the tens of thousands in grain fields, providing plentiful shooting every day. Most of the hunting areas are within 30-45 minutes of the hotel.

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