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Spruce Pond Hunting

Hunting in North America

Located in Newfoundland, Canada, Spruce Pond Hunting offers the highest quality in moose, caribou and black bear hunting excursions.

Spruce Pond Hunting is based in the beautiful and wild hunting destination of Newfoundland, Canada.

Known as “The Rock”, this rugged island offers incredible views, friendly locals and some of the best hunting in North America. Spruce Pond is happy to provide an end-to-end, top-notch hunting experience.  Spruce Pond Hunting provides everything you need from fly-in hunts, experienced guides, comfortable lodges and spike camps, to delicious home-cooked meals, private hunter accommodations and meat preparation.

The Hunting Experience at Spruce Pond

Once you fly into Spruce Pond, on-site transportation is provided by boats and Argos. The use of boats allow us cross ponds and travel down waterways to get to desired hunting grounds quickly and safely.  Our boats are strategically placed to give guests easy access to prime hunting areas. The Argos are used for meat retrieval. They are hardy vehicles ideally suited to get through the roughest terrain in the area, yet still be able to accommodate a guide, hunter and their animal.

Come join us at Spruce Pond Hunting to experience the adventure of a lifetime!

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