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Talbot County Outfitters

Hunting in North America

Located on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, Talbot County Outfitters is a top destination for hunters that truly understand a fair chase hunt. No matter if you are interested in a whitetail or sika deer, Canadian geese, sea ducks, or turkey hunting we are here to guide you in the right direction.  At Talbot County Outfitters we are committed to providing each and every hunter with the opportunity to make their hunt one they will remember for a lifetime. It is extremely important to us that no matter how successful the hunt may be, success is not always measured from the harvest, but how long the hunt will be remembered.

Talbot County Outfitters is a small outfitter owned and operated by hunters whose passion in life is the outdoors.
We strive to help every hunter understand and appreciate the sport not only for the harvest but for the whole experience. From the pre-dawn meetings around our trucks till the last lodge light is turned off at the end of a long hard day we want our hunters to see that we truly care that their hunt was our top priority. We truly try and make each hunt a ‘hunt of a lifetime.’

With over a combined 60 years experience in the hunting industry, we know what it takes to be successful. Whether it is putting in the endless hours of scouting with binos, checking trail cams or moving stands to get that extra 10 yards of advantage we try to always stay one step ahead.

Our land consists of privately rented in which deer are properly managed from year to year and over half, we have had possession of for over 20 years. The landscapes of our properties vary from hardwoods, open timber, fields, pine thickets, river banks, and tidal marshes. Each plot of land is chosen carefully and rented for the quality of deer NOT to gain acreage.

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