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Sheep Hunting in Mongolia

Limited Time Special Rate – 2018 Only

Landlocked between Russia and China, Mongolia is a country of unlimited hunting possibilities. High mountains, endless steppes, arid deserts and crystal clear lakes are all part of the Mongolia you will enjoy.

Our outfitter has led safaris and outdoor expeditions throughout Mongolia for over 50 years. As one of the largest hunting operations in Asia, they maintain their own camps in the best hunting areas. Their guides and interpreters are well trained and will accompany and assist you throughout your hunt.

Check out these Special Cancellation Rates with HUGE savings for hunting in

September of 2018 ONLY!


Regular Rate: $100,000

2018 Special Rate: $82,500

Savings: $17,500



Regular Rate: $85,000

2018 Special Rate: $68,200 

Savings: $16,800



Regular Rate: $80,000

2018 Special Rate: $49,500 

Savings: $30,500

Additional Government fees:

Documentation fee – $550

Mongolian export CITES – $1,650 per hunter

Mongolian domestic transport fees:

  • Altai- $750 per person
  • Hangai- $550 per person
  • Gobi- $650 per person

Hotel in Ulaanbaatar city before and after the hunt and trophy export shipments are extra.

All prices are in USD.

Please call or email now to get additional details and to get in on this limited offer.

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