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Hunting in North America

Benelli Boyz Outfitting

Saskatchewan Waterfowl & Upland Special…Double play!

Benelli Boyz Outfitters

All inclusive Pkg.

Meals, accommodations, Guiding including bird processing .

Brand new semi auto shotguns included at no charge.

Does not include bullets, alcohol, transport to and from airport and tips.

Hunts could be either waterfowl ( geese ducks cranes )or upland  ( Hungarian Partridge and Sharptail grouse)

Last Minute Specials:

3 day 2995$

5 day 4100$

2 hunts a day 1 on the last day.

Combo Hunts available upon request.

Dogs welcome

Lodge is called Bin There Campground: HOME | BinThereCampground

All amenities avail included wifi and stocked trout pond. Massive trophy room and steak pit.

Dates 2023 available:

Sept 01-15

Season opener great time for undisturbed birds. Crane, Lg Canadas, local ducks . Not as many birds but lots of good hunts.

Sept 27-Oct 1

Upland only opened for 2 weeks  . Days are a bit cooler for upland. Lots good chances for waterfowl all speices. Wet year will be epic for ducks!

Oct 9-12

Migration is starting to turn on larger amount of birds daily, mallards all starting to get their colors.

Abundance of specks, snows, Canadas, cranes

Fields all combined moves the upland into cover areas easier to pinpoint.

Oct 27-31

Number 1  prime week of the season 2 million birds in our back yard on any given day.

Awe inspiring sights of snow feeds of 100,000

Literal clouds of mallards/ pin tails .

Nature at its best.

Cranes are usually still huntable but not as large of groups.

Contact  Brent now to reserve your dates.

Brent Abbott

Benelli Boyz Outfitters

Waterfowl & Upland
Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan

Phone: 306 630 4537