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Hunting in North America

Blais N Bulls Outfitting

Northern Alberta Rut Moose Hunt….only 1 left!

September 23 -29th 2023 Peak rut!

Our Moose hunts take place in the pristine wilderness of the Chinchaga area of Northwestern Alberta.
The area is home to a dense population of Moose and the average range size of 30-40 inches
with chances of getting a 50” bull.

Hunts take place in the heart of the rut, calling and waiting where there is heavy Moose sign is the best practical way to hunt these beasts during this time.

Based out of a wall tent for a rustic but very comfortable camp
that is very enjoyable. For transportation we use ATV’s to get to our destination and then we
will walk and call for these majestic Moose.


Licenses and tags for 1 Moose & 1 Wolf
Transportation for the duration of the hunt
All meals & beverages
Field dressing & trophy care.


If you wish to choose you can also add on a Bear tag as a combo to the Moose hunt, the area is full of quality trophy Black Bear and they are out heavy during this time to get the last feed in
before hibernation for the heavy winter.

Don’t miss out on this last hunt for 2023!

Last Minute Special; 7500


Mason Blais
Blais N Bulls Outfitting
Manning Ab

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