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2024 Northwest Territories  Musk ox Hunt…Act Fast!

Save 7,000!

This is a pinnacle hunt- you are seeking to successfully bring down one of the ancient prehistoric animals in Canada. There is no better place to hunt the Barren Ground Muskox than on the barrenlands – and no better group than Canadian Wildlife Adventures to help you find your mark. The Barren Ground sub-species are 15% larger in body and horn size than it’s cousin the Greenland Muskox. To say they are massive does not adequately describe this gargantuan beast.

The hide and horns on the Muskox is simply stunning. In August and September you are hunting in the rut season so the Muskox are herded up for breeding. You may be lucky enough to be witnessing the fighting between dominant bulls. This hunt is also very conducive to archery hunting. The areas we hunt are so remote that the Muskox rarely if ever see humans.

This is a spot and stalk hunt, which means you’ll be sitting and glassing areas that have Muskox. We are going to hunt the herds and the single moving bulls. You will be out hunting for 12 hours a day, and this will test your fortitude in more ways than one. This behemoth will not give itself up easily. With long hours travelling and glassing for Muskox, you will need to come prepared mentally for long glassing sits and absolutely
dressed appropriately to stay warm. Staying focused for the duration raises your opportunity of success on a shot opportunity. Your task will test you in many ways – but the reward is spectacular.

Due to a recent cancellation, Aylmer lake Lodge now has 2 openings for these highly sought-after Barren-ground Muskox hunts. These are 1×1 guided hunts  and can be combined with arctic wolf and wolverine licenses. Comfortable cabin accommodations are included.

We hold these records for Harvested Muskox at Aylmer Lake Lodge

The New B&C World Record Barren ground Muskox 130 4/8ths

New number 4 B&C

New number 3 overall SCI

Dates: March 12 – 19th  1 hunter
March 20 -27th 1 hunter

Regular price 22,000

Last Minute Special: 15,000 

Return Air Charter From Yellowknife to lodge $2,000.00 USD

License $120.00

Export fee: 360.00

Plus 5% Tax


Kevin McNeil

Phone: 780-536-7290