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Hunting in North America

Clear Creek Ranch

2020 New Mexico Elk:
Explore the beautiful mountains in Game Management Unit 46, northeastern New Mexico. Closest town: Guadalupita, New Mexico. Approximately 7,500- 9,000 ft. in elevation.
Lots of wildlife call this area home, including elk, Mule Deer, bears, turkeys, and coyotes.
Our New Mexico Elk hunts are not too physically demanding primarily as the elk are in flat and easily accessible areas during the rut.
We typically drive to the general vicinity of where we will hunt, and then travel on foot from that point.
Hunters should expect to walk 1-5 miles per day across fairly flat terrain.
The only difficult hiking we sometimes encounter is when getting into position atop high points to glass.


Archery hunts SEPT 1/ 6 2020 : The first archery hunt is 5500 per Hunter and that includes the tag.


SEPT 8/ 14TH 2020:  The second archery hunt is 5500 per hunter, tag too.

1 Bull Elk gun hunt left and that date is Oct 25-29th and the cost of that hunt is 6500 per hunter.


2 Cow Elk hunts NOV 18TH/20  2020

Last Minute Special: 2500.00 per hunter.


If you are looking for an unforgettable Elk Hunting experience, weather you are an Archer or a gun hunter then look no further.

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