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Hunting in North America

Homestead Lodge

Outfitter Moose Tag in Maine:

The Outfitter tag program in Maine is designed to support hunting resorts and lodges. Every year, a small percentage of Maine moose hunting tags are allocated to hunting lodges and outfitters. These permits are guaranteed tags and limited in number.

Unit 6 Tag:

Our Lodge is located in zone 5 and we hunt in zone 5 & 6, known to be the top hunting areas for trophy moose in all of Maine. Zone 6 has consistently produced the biggest trophy moose with the best success rates over the past decade.
This tag is for the first week during the rut. The rut hunt runs September 28 – October 3, 2020.


This hunt is for 2 people, the hunter and subpermittee

  • 1 Bull Moose Tag in WMD 6 – Hunt dates September 28 – October 3rd
  • Comfortable lodging – Private room
  • All meals included.
  • 6 full days of guided moose hunting with 2 experienced guides
  • Transportation at the lodge
  • All Maine permits and tag for Moose hunt
  • Retrieval of the game, skinning and transportation to tagging station
  • Butchering of meat, which will be vacuum sealed for trip home
  • Guides will thoroughly scout hunt areas weeks prior to the hunt
  • The best grouse/partridge hunting in Maine!

This is a once in a lifetime hunt and we will do everything we can to make it an experience you will remember.

The tags are normally sold in individual auctions and typically sell for $18,000 – $22,000.

Last Minute Special: 13,000


Glen Kleinfelter

Homestead Lodge

871 Oxbow Road

Oxbow, ME 04764

Phone: 207-435-6357




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