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Hunting in North America

Migule Mountain Outfitters


Newfoundland Moose!

Migule Mountain Outfitters operate a drive to lodge located in the central region of NF.

Success rates are steady at approx. 90% for the past 17years.

We hunt full days with lunches in the bush unless otherwise stated (guides will carry lunch for both).
Our method of hunting usually involves spotting as well as a fair amount of walking through some rugged terrain (bogs, brush, streams etc).
ATV’s are used for transportation to and from bush as well as for retrieval of game.

Migule Mountain has a last minute cancellation for week of Sept 19-25/2021

Can accommodate 5-6 moose hunters during that week and it’s prime moose hunting time.

Major deal for Canadian hunters that can book a party

Last Minute Special: $4500 Can tax and license fee included for party of 4-6 hunters

Stumble on bear can be added for additional $750 no trophy fee.

Hunts are based on 5 days Arrive on Sun and hunt Mon to Fri Sat is departure day.

Guide, meals and accommodations included.


Contact info:

Migule Mountain Outfitters

Paul Toms




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