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Hunting in North America

Prairie Waterfowl Co. Big Game

Alberta Big Game!
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One Rare Mule deer tag has come available for this Fall!
Spot and Stalk Archery hunt for Sept. or Oct. 2024.
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Contrary to our name, Prairie Waterfowl Co. is proud to offer big game hunts for white-tailed deer, mule deer, and black bear. Our expert guides are devoted to tracking trophy big game animals year-round and it’s time for you to reap the benefits. Our big game hunts are offered as a 6-day hunt with additional days available at an extra cost. Our big game hunts offer guests guaranteed tags with no draw or applications required.

Whitetail Deer:

Alberta has long been recognized for its population of giant whitetails.  Thick patches of spruce and aspen forest broken up by vast grain fields, makes for the perfect habitat for growing these trophies. Hunters should expect to see deer ranging from 140” to 160” with the potential for higher scoring animals.

The months of September and October offer archery hunters the first opportunities at mature whitetails that have we have spent months patterning to food sources and bedding areas. Archery hunts take place from tree stands or ground blinds over areas with heavy whitetail traffic. 

November offers rifle hunters an opportunity at the rut-ready big boys. The colder temperatures of the late fall predictably have the bucks on their feet in search of and following estrus does. November hunts should be expected to have the potential for frigid days. All hunts will take place from heated blinds with open site lines to active travel corridors.

Archery whitetail hunts are $6000 for 6 days. Limited spots remain anytime in September-October. Hunts in tree stands or ground blinds.

Rifle Whitetail hunts are $6500 for 6 days. 7 spots for  anytime in November. Hunts are in heated blinds.

Mule Deer Hunts:

Due to cancellation, one spot just opened up for 2024

Booked for 2024. Book your 2025 hunt now while you can.

The rolling hills, productive farmland, and thick brush patches of central Alberta offer exceptional habitat for producing mammoth mule deer. Alberta’s resident hunter draw system has reduced the hunting pressure on this species allowing populations to thrive in our area. Hunters can expect to encounter mule deer ranging 150” to 190” with the potential for much larger trophies.

Our mule deer hunts are offered as heart pounding spot-and-stalk archery hunts in September and October. Our guides have scouted and patterned the big bucks, waiting for the right opportunity for you to move in for a shot. Our experienced guides will work with you one-on-one to stalk mature mule deer in standing crop or forested lands.

Stand sits in high traffic areas can also be used to  accommodate those looking for a less physically demanding experience.

Archery Mule deer hunts are $7000 for 6 days. Hunts are spot and stalk. I am booking into 2025.

Black Bear Hunts:

In addition to our impressive deer population, Alberta is home to giant black bears. Our black bear hunts are offered as adrenaline pumping spot-and-stalk hunts over open pasture or grain fields, as baiting is not permitted in our management area. The inability to bait bears significantly reduces the hunting pressure in the area, allowing older bears to reach a trophy caliber.

Black bear hunts are $3500 which includes first bear, second bear is $500 plus $1500 trophy fee. Hunts are spot and stalk.  4 Tags available  for the fall of 2024.

Rental guns are also available for big game hunts at an extra cost.


Willi Powell
Prairie Waterfowl Co Big Game
Carseland, AB
T0J 0M

Phone: 403-702-FOWL (3695)



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