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Hunting in North America

Rough Canyon Outfitters


2021 Colorado Elk and  Mule Deer Hunts Available:


MUST APPLY BY APRIL 6TH…. 2021!!!!!!

2- 1st rifle elk hunts,  5 day, public land, tent camp, 2-1 guided, 65% shot opportunity, $3700 pp, historically drawn with zero points. Unit 421

2- Muzzleloader Mule Deer hunts, 5 days, 2-1 guided,  2000+ acres of private, lodging and meals, $3750 pp, historically drawn with zero points. Targeting 150-170 inch bucks. Unit 72

2- 3rd rifle Mule Deer, 5 days, 2-1 guided, lodge style with meals, private and public land, unit 52, $4000 pp, historically drawn with 3-5 points. historically harvesting buck from 150inch to 190inch,  landowner vouchers may be available at additional cost.

4 -4th rifle season elk hunts, cow or bull, 5 day, 2-1 guided, lodge style meals included.
Call for pricing and details. Thanksgiving Week

These Won’t Last!

Its easiest to call or text me:

Dusty Veach

Please either text or call:
970 739 0888



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